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Santas Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck lyrics:

Well, I've been sorta worried
About Santa Claus this year
Cause we live way down south
And it didn't snow down here
But, I'm telling you not to worry
Cause I just got the word
Everybody listen closely
And I'll tell you what I heard.

Santa's comin' in a pickup
Instead of his trusty sleigh
He'll have a truck instead of reindeer
To carry him on his way
Cause the weatherman had some problems
He couldn't get snow you see
Santa's gonna come in a pickup truck
When he visits you and me.

Santa can't bring his reindeer
He'll leave them far away
But don't you worry 'bout him
He's gonna be here Christmas day
He's got a big red pickup
With four-wheel drive and all
And there's gonna be a Merry Christmas
A Merry Christmas for all.

Santa's gonna come in a pick up truck
When he visits you and me.

About this song:

"Santa's Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck" is by Alan Jackson. Six White Boomers is a similar Christmas song about Santa Claus coming to town in a sleigh pulled by kangaroos.

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