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Cherry Tree Carol lyrics:

Joseph was an old man
An old man was he
He wedded Virgin Mary
The Queen of Galilee
The Queen of Galilee.

As Joseph and Mary
Walked through an orchard green
There were apples and cherries
Plenty to be seen.

Mary spoke to Joseph
So meek and so mild
"Joseph, gather me some cherries
For I am with child."

Then Joseph flew in anger
In anger he flew
"Let the father of the baby
Gather cherries for you."

Jesus spoke a few words
And a very few words spoke he
"My mother wants some cherries
Bend over, cherry tree!"

The cherry tree bowed down
It was low to the ground
And Mary gathered cherries
While Joseph stood around.

Then Joseph took Mary
All on his left knee
Saying," Lord have mercy upon me
For what I have done."

Then Joseph took Mary
All on his right knee
"Pray tell me, little baby
When your birthday shall be?"

"On the sixth day of January
My birthday shall be
When the stars and the elements
Shall tremble with fear."

About this song:

"The cherry tree carol" is a traditional English Christmas song based on a story in the apocryphal Gospel of pseudo-Matthew. In this story, Joseph and the pregnant Mary are on their way to Bethlehem for the census. Mary requests Joseph to pluck cherries for her, but Joseph with uncharacteristic vindictiveness tells her to ask the Father of her Baby to do so. Then Jesus speaks out from His mother's womb and asks the tree to bend down, so that His mother could pluck the fruit. The tree bends down, and Mary gets her cherries. On seeing this, Joseph repents.

Some Orthodox churches celebrate the birth of Christ on 6th of January.

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